Human rights are all very well, but what about potato rights? It’s a question Bogof regularly ponders.

These protesting potatoes were snapped outside McDonald’s Berlin, opposing the barbarism of the French fry. They were assisted by Peter Pink, a photographer with a sense of fun and perhaps too much spare time on his hands.

“A janitor came out and unceremoniously swept the potatoes into the bin,” said Peter. “She remarked: ‘That doesn’t work here, this is McDonald’s.’” Ah, the famous German sense of humour.

Peter has pressed on with his spud sculptures, composing a French fry funeral, a sunbathing ‘hot potatoes’ scenario and a Christ-like potato suffering crucifixion.

“I guess my inspiration a lot of the time comes from the need to question things I don’t agree with,” says Peter. Er, right on - mash the system!