Industrious veg growers at Produce World have set the news bar high for 2013 with a stunning first ‘media alert’ of the year.

The PW gang found time to bring us news that farming director Jason Burgess had “been listed as one of Sainsbury’s top tweets from December 2012”.

The prestigious honour was awarded - understandably - for the following zinger: “@ProduceWorld @SainsburysPR Great display of our British onions at New King’s Lynn”. The attached picture (above) might look like a late-period Cézanne, but is in fact a photo of the astonishing allium-fest at the store in question.

“We are delighted to be recognised by Sainsbury’s for our digital presence,” noted a triumphant Burgess.

Strangely, Sainsbo’s other top tweets have proved rather elusive - Bogof awaits the appropriate press releases with bated breath.