You can eat a lot of dodgy things in London, as visitors to some of the capital’s kebab shops will testify. But it’s not just the ropey takeaways.

Londoners will have something else to worry about when the Frieze Art Fair kicks off in Regent’s Park. A performance art piece (alarm bells!) titled ‘Does This Soup Taste Ambivalent?’ will offer art-foodies the chance to enjoy a soup made from Japanese vegetables. Which sounds… suspiciously nice! Except the veggies were grown in Fukushima.

The ingredients have been certified safe by the Japanese Farmers’ Association, before artists Ei and Tomoo Arakawa turn them into a delicious-looking dilemma (though - pathetically - they’re getting their mum to actually make the soup).

If you’re willing to get your gob around the conceptually-possibly-radioactive broth, it’ll be on offer from Wednesday 15.