Phew. Investigative journalism is alive and well, and not just thanks to The Grocer.

The Sunday Telegraph last week revealed, if that’s the word (it isn’t), that mighty Tesco had been forced into its workfare U-turn by a “tiny band of Left radicals”.

The paper breathlessly reported that the half a dozen placard-wielding ‘Right to Work’ campaigners who shut down Tesco in Westminster the other week over the whole work experience thing had covert links to the Socialist Workers Party.

Or not so covert, in fact. The most famous image of the protest showed 21 year-old Julie Sherry holding a placard, a not-very-radical cup of coffee from Café Nero and a copy of the Socialist Worker.

Further revelations included the news that some of the protestors didn’t have jobs, while one of them (gasp!) had a shaved head.