Here’s to a happy Cheese Week, readers!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. And that’s just as well for Sainsbury’s, which is using the whey-sayers’ big week to divert attention from the Price Dropping antics of its corporate nemesis in blue and white stripes. Sainsbo’s this week published shock research compiled from Nectar users suggesting the nation’s most beloved cheese is… Cheddar. Who’d have thunk it?

As well as claiming first place for the nation as a whole, Cheddar topped every single regional list. Even the unrulier Celtic provincials cited Cheddar as their numero uno, while the fancy Dans down in That London shunned their usual fare of oak-smoked goat and booze-­infused artisan blues.

Then again, as the data was collected from Nectar card holders, it could just be that Sainsbury’s promotes the hell out of Cheddar while not giving away whopping great wagon wheels of the rest.

Revealingly, data given to the Torygraph showed the cheese of choice for the paper’s own readers was the mushroomy French fromage Chaource. For the record, Blogof’s favourite is the Kraft cheese-effect slice, with or without the plastic still on it.