Hotter than a lentil phall: sexy vegan Jenna

Bogof has been following Peta’s hunt for ‘the nation’s sexiest vegan next door’ with (entirely professional) interest for some time now.

Now the wait is over. And the winners aren’t the wan, Twilight types you might expect.

Comely Glaswegian Jenna McGuinness and hunky Northamptonite Gareth Lloyd passed examinations - from Peta and their peers - of both their vegan credentials and their physical attractiveness. But it’s not just their good looks and passion for animal rights that make them hot. Cat-loving Jenna is a big fan of exercise and travel, while Gareth is an artist who raises awareness of lions and elephants. He also makes his own ’cheese’ out of nuts, seeds and vegetables.

The pair have each won posh vegan meals and stays at a fancy hotel. Presumably, they’ll be taking lucky fellow animal product-avoiders with them. Pass the tofu!