Here’s the Magna Carta. This year marks the 800th anniversary of the document, which gave all “free men” the right to justice for the first time in British history. 

So, what is it doing in The Grocer? Well… it’s a cake. Don’t worry! You haven’t just found out that the cornerstone of centuries of British law is based on a mouldy old sponge. This is a replica, designed and built by Christine Jensen as a tribute. Quite a weird one, yes, but a stunning piece of work all the same.

The award-winning cake took Christine 94 hours to make. It features all the 4,000-odd Latin words of the original document, together with a fancy frame and base, which features an edible painting of King John sealing the charter.

The cake is on display at Salisbury Cathedral if you want to see this slice of history in the baking. But, unless you want a real taste of justice, no nibbling!