If your office is like The Grocer’s, you’ll know the coffee run is as politically complex as anything the Middle East peace process has to offer. It’s a passive-aggressive, angry world of unsubtle hints, mug favouritism and milk rage.

Help is at hand, though, from a US coffee company. Knock up a batch of their latest blend for your colleagues, and you’ll probably never be asked to do it again. It’s called Death Wish.

Double the strength of an espresso, the coffee’s creators say it’s the strongest in the world. The process of making it is a secret and though the company says men aged 25 to 60 are its most likely buyers, it adds -menacingly: “We want Death Wish’s target audience to be the world!”

Reassuringly, there are apparently “no health implications from drinking Death Wish”. Unless you feed it to a particularly grumpy colleague on a busy day, perhaps.