These days, dogs are often treated like furry little people - man’s best friend can parade about in the latest designer fashions, for example, and there’s a raft of gourmet food choices available for our puppy pals.

But what about drinks? Water seems to be the only refreshment ever offered to our dogs, meaning they’re missing out on that fine, simple treat - a lovely cup of tea. Until now, that is.

It might sound barking mad, but a company called Woof & Brew is marketing a range of doggie teas. The teas swap out ingredients such as milk, caffeine and sugar for a blend of more Fido-friendly herbs, which promise to boost hound health and help eradicate the dreaded dog breath.

And not only are Wood & Brew’s teas being served to dogs at home, it’s being exported, too. Apparently we can sell tea to China! It seems dogs abroad are lapping it up, too.