As the heatwave continued, Tesco found itself sweating more than most this week.

First of all, it was accused of ‘profiteering’ after raising the price for two litres of its Everyday Value still water. Hand-wringers took to Twitter to decry the 41% price hike. Doubtless bank managers across the land were plagued with loan requests for the extra 7p necessary to secure the now-24p bottles.

It wasn’t a good start to the week Tesco launched its new ad campaign. The #LoveEveryMouthful hashtag was a real hit with people who worked at Tesco, who dutifully uploaded lovely pictures of fruit to Twitter.

Everyone else used it to recycle horsemeat jokes and make smutty references to that day’s news about David Cameron’s pornography-blocking legislation. By Monday afternoon, Tesco was instead promoting the far more sensible #Tescofood hashtag. Shame!