While Tesco keeps busy with its Big Price Drop, a big-price flop was dropped last weekend for some ­in-store shenanigans.

Manchester United goalie David De Gea showed he was less ‘Safe Hands’ than ‘Sticky Fingers’ when the £18m Spanish summer signing waltzed out of Tesco’s Altrincham branch having eaten a Krispy Kreme doughnut. He was promptly marched into the stop-and-search room and probed for additional loot.

De Gea now says he only left the shop to fetch his wallet from the car.

Events took a new twist at the weekend when De Gea, who earlier in the season hung on to his place despite dropping a couple of high-profile clangers, found himself on the bench for Saturday’s game against Norwich City.

Uncharacteristically, Tesco was more forgiving. It let him off with just a talking-to, perhaps reasoning than his inevitable talking-to from Sir Alex Ferguson was punishment enough.

Or perhaps Tesco was just grateful for the backhanded (and, juding by De Gea’s early form, probably cack-handed) celebrity endorsement. Still, it doesn’t say much for the Big Price Drop that De Gea, thought to earn £70,000 a week, was priced out of a snack.