Artists-in-residence on the South Bank, Covent Garden etc, have it tough - miming at jaded Londoners and bemused tourists for loose change.

So well done to Nick Malinowski and AJ James, who have proved that - with a bit of initiative - you can make a day of standing on your head while being photographed by Japanese tourists enjoyable.

Their secret? Jaffa Cakes. Contortionist-stuntmen Nick and AJ decided to work their favourite treats into their act for a special orangey performance last week. They juggled Jaffa Cakes boxes while up ladders, balanced them on their chins, and ate an entire pack while upside-down and doing a handstand.

Bogof likes to incorporate Jaffa Cakes into the working day too - but only by eating a triple-pack while assembling this page. Maybe it’s time to take the laptop down to Trafalgar Square and make some money!