You have to feel sorry for Prince Charles. Adoring taxpayers can’t wait to chip in the £60m needed for the Queen’s Jubilee yacht. But the Duke of Cornwall can’t even build a nice supermarket on land that’s already his!

The man known to nobody as the King of Hearts was this week locked in battle with the unwashed peasantry of Truro over a scheme to build a Waitrose on land outside the city. It’s part of a development to create a “new concept” in food, a “unique scheme” that involves building a place where shoppers can exchange money for food. To say thanks, Waitrose is to let locals peddle clots of cream and scraps of tin there.

Normally you’d expect Charles, arch lancer of architectural carbuncles, to oppose the building of a supermarket on rural land. But this time the Prince, whose Duchy Originals brand is now owned by Waitrose, is on the developers’ team.