It’s not just JTI and Philip Morris feeling the pain of regulatory meddling.

Millions of people in India are up in arms over the decision by local authorities to ban paan masala, a psychoactive combination of betel leaves, spices and chewing tobacco that has been popular in the country for hundreds of years.

But killjoy medical types point out that it gives cancer to thousands of people a year and helps spread diseases thanks to people spitting out great gobbets of the stuff in the street.

Still, it’s food for thought as Welsh legislators ponder slapping tax on yet another of life’s little pleasures. Chewing gum is next to fall foul of the fun-police, with assembly members plotting a 5p tax per pack to help pay for cleaning it off the streets.

Maybe JTI can convince smokers to ditch the ‘fag and gum’ combo for something with a refreshing curry taste.