Ed Miliband has had a tough time lately. And no, we’re not talking about the Daily Mail’s horrible character assassination of his father.

At the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week, chuckling Tories were able to pay a visit to ‘the Red Ed Lion’ pub to sample a range of Miliband beers. Local brewers JW Lees knocked up ‘Leftie Blond’ (a clever Leffe pastiche, there) and ‘Miliband ale’ (which, at 0% abv, promised to be ‘Weaker than Brown’).

Fans of Ed’s brother could sample a David’s Bitter, while Extra Strong Union Ale offered a taste of declining power (and a rather fresher joke).

All good fun, though surely the Conservative old guard wouldn’t be seen dead drinking left-wing beer, even as a joke? Fortunately, they’d been catered for - though history has not recorded how many strong-stomached Blues dared down a bottle of ‘Our Maggie’.