There’s a touch of the Danny Boyles about the new Total Greek Yoghurt ad. Did Fage have a mole in the camp ahead of the opening ceremony?

Maypoles and teeming hordes of livestock bolstered Total’s usual cartoon cast of cow, zebra and spoonbill, in a high-kicking mash-up that echoes early bits of Boyle’s pastoral fantasy.

Sadly, music is not provided by Underworld here - the trance titans miss out to some infuriating bubblegum-swing. But at least it’s not Hey Jude sung by that iffy Paul McCartney impersonator they wheeled out for the Olympic thing.

All that’s lacking here is Kenneth Branagh as a zebra in a stovepipe hat and a 20-minute disco dig at the Tories for ruining Britain.

The aisles are indeed full of wonder.