zebra one use

Unusual meats. The dullard-magnet trend, for eating anything from crocodile to kangaroo, is now so popular there are actual restaurants dedicated to it in the UK.

Unfortunately for the customers of one - The Steakhouse, in Watford - it turned out the menu wasn’t so unusual. Boss Kunal Soni has been prosecuted after diners who ordered zebra were served horse, and those with a hunger for wildebeest got a plateful of boring old venison.

So how was The Steakhouse busted? No, it wasn’t because the zebra steaks weren’t stripy enough… Dopey staff had actually written down the real meats - ‘venison, chips and salad’ etc - when taking orders. After that, it didn’t take Trading Standards long to clock the large hunk of dobbin in the freezer.

But let’s think of the victims - local meatheads will now have to find something else ­interesting in Watford.