A simple cake - the foodie’s usual tribute to a hero - was never going to be complex enough for a Radiohead fan. Oh no. A Michigan chef has instead created a full 10-course menu inspired by the group’s 2000 album Kid A.

And from the sounds of it, chef Kyle Hanley started cooking 14 years ago. The $125 menu matches the album’s unsettling opener Everything In Its Right Place with scallops, yuzu fluid gel and cellophane noodles. Acoustic glumfest How To Disappear Completely is teamed with an oil-poached monkfish, while the icy disco of Idioteque will be accompanied by a confusing salad that includes ‘lemon foam’ and ‘caper dust’.

It all sounds a bit fancy, really. Like many a casual Radiohead fan, Bogof would prefer something a bit less ‘experimental’ - a simple Korma Police and a cup of Fake Plastic Tea will do nicely.