As he settles down to eat lunch with a workmate, happy Gary Lineker can’t wait to get stuck into his bag of cheese & onion. But his colleague only has sandwiches!

Said co-worker tries to pinch a crisp, only to be rebuffed by an indignant Gaz. In response, the man directs a jet of concrete at his rival, cruelly incapacitating him before snatching the bag and assuming a menacing, dead-eyed stare of triumph.

No, it’s not ‘bantz’ from Gary’s MOTD mate Alan Shearer. For some reason, the feebly bearded Lineker is working on a building site. With a psychopath.

The ‘too good to share’ trope is ancient, but Walkers has found something new in the ether - the curious sensation of ‘feeling sorry for Gary Lineker’.