So farewell, Andrew Lansley. We knew you rather too well.

Not too many tears will have been shed over his sideways switch from Secretary of State for Health to bloke who puts out the bins behind Parliament.

Lansley famously said health was the only job in government he wanted - just as well, as Leader of the House of Commons isn’t really a proper job.

Now the trade welcomes rhyming-slang superstar Jeremy Hunt, whose unique take on ‘hands-off government’ was revealed at the Leveson inquiry.

Grocery also bids goodbye to Caroline Spelman, the Defra earth-mother who presided over the eventual non-sale of public woodlands. As Matt Chorley of the Independent on Sunday tweeted: “It’s a credit to the impact Caroline Spelman has made in 2 years in Cabinet that most of lobby spell her name ‘Spellman’.” Ouch.