gik blue wine

The world of wine is sometimes seen as a stuffy one, with dusty old bottles prized by dusty old snobs who’d faint at the thought of an over-chiled Chablis.

This week has proven wine is at the cutting edge, however. Spanish company Gik has brought its blue one to the UK. A mix of red and white grapes, the sweet-tasting plonk comes in with an abv of 11.5%. Its seductive blueness comes from anthocyanin, a pigment found in grape skin. And, well, some indigo dye.

Seems a lot of effort to make a drink that looks like the stuff they use in ads for feminine hygiene products - but three bottles are yours for £33 if it takes your fancy.

To save you drinking it alone, a wine has been launched that your cat can enjoy. Apollo Creek’s Pinot Meow or MosCATo drinks are made of organic catnip and water, so kitty can be just as messed up as you.

Be proud, wine world.