New South African plum and nectarine varieties are making their mark in the stone fruit category, according to marketing organisation Capespan.
The company said that new nectarines this season included Crimson Blaze and Rose Gem, both of which are large in size and have bold red colouration, qualities popular with retailers and consumers.
Another newcomer, Alpine, which was popular last season, is available this time round in double the volumes. This nectarine, which is also a larger fruit, is replacing older varieties such as Mayglo and Fiesta Red.
New plum varieties are coming to bear, including Suplum, or Black Diamond, which will be available February to March. Capespan claimed it boasted “superb eating quality”.
A company spokesman said: “The aim with all new plum varieties is to offer better flavour, larger sizing and bolder colour.”
South African nectarine volumes are expected to remain stable, but plum yields are set to drop by 20% on last year.