Booker’s sales have risen by 1.7% in the 12 weeks to 22 June, chief executive Charles Wilson announced at this morning’s AGM.

The growth was spurred by non-tobacco sales, which were up 3.9%. Tobacco sales fell by 1.7%, however, having been hit by the phasing of the duty rise compared to a year ago, said Wilson (pictured).

“Booker Group continues to make good progress,” he said. “Our plans to focus, drive and broaden the business remain on track.

“We are pleased to have the team at Makro UK as part of Booker Group.  Together we look forward to improving choice, prices and service for all our catering, retailing and small business customers in the UK.”

Booker completed the acquisition of Makro on 4 July but has yet to start integrating the business while the Office of Fair Trading looks into the deal.