Booker’s carbon credentials are a first in the world

Booker has become the first company in the world to hold four Carbon Trust Standards.

The wholesaler was awarded four certifications by energy-saving body The Carbon Trust for reducing carbon emissions, waste output, water use, and the achievement of zero waste to landfill.

Booker said it had reduced carbon emissions by 3.7%, waste usage by 12%, and had a waste reduction of 6% over the past two years.

“This is a reflection on how seriously we take our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Booker sustainability manager Catherine Marston.

The installation of LED lighting in all of its 172 branches has saved 22% of electricity, it said, with a lower emission HGV fleet estimated to reduce fuel use by 6%.

It has also dealt with food waste through both local charity donations and the use of anaerobic digestion to create energy.

“During the past five years, we have also donated over two million meals to local charities for the needy,” added Marston.

“These are just some of the exciting initiatives we have been working on and I’m really looking forward to continuing to drive these benefits throughout our business.”