More than 2,300 indies have joined Booker's promotional club Shop Local 2 Go.

Its first promotion runs until 16 August and features three for £1 on Mars, Snickers and Twix; Red Bull 250ml at £1; and two Walkers Grab Bags for £1.

The club aimed at off-licences, CTNs, forecourts, and smaller c-stores was launched last month and promises eight "market-leading" shopper deals every four weeks in soft drinks and confectionery. Retailers have been sent free PoS kit posters, shelf cards and 250 personalised leaflets to distribute in their local area.

"Shop Local 2 Go has proved massively popular for independent retailers," said Steve Fox, sales director for retail. "These deals offer fantastic value for shoppers and I am confident they will drive sales and footfall into stores and increase customer loyalty. It is an ideal promotional solution for all types of independent retailer."