Chicory growers are trying to tackle the vegetable's frumpy image with a new on-pack recipe booklet in major retailers.

From this month the 'Simply Chicory' booklet, designed by packaging company Leading Edge, will appear on products from Jack Buck Growers in an effort to promote awareness of the vegetable's potential.

It includes nutritional and growing information and recipes such as fennel and chicory bruschetta and roasted chicory to encourage consumers to experiment with the vegetable.

EU funding was obtained through the company's producer organisation towards the cost of the booklet.

Jack Buck Growers marketing controller Simon Howard said: "Many consumers aren't aware of chicory's healthy properties or its versatility, so the label booklet goes back to basics to convey this information."

Jack Buck also markets speciality crops from its own growing group, such as celeriac, fennel and pak choi.