Booths is anticipating World Cup fever in its stores by launching a football promotion on its English ales and creating a global beer list.

The Lancashire-based retailer plans to slash 25% off all English ales on the day of each England match. It will have 120 English ales available throughout the tournament, which begins on June 9.

Booths has also created a list of beers brewed and bottled from 18 of the competing World Cup countries, including Warsteiner from Germany, Poland's Zywic, Carib from Trinidad & Tobago, Crocodile from Sweden, Argentina's Quilmes, Japan's Orion and Australia's Tooheys.

Beer buyer Dave Smith said the final list of English ales remains a secret until England's first game, but he did disclose that it would include Thwaites Premium Thoroughbred and Young's Champion Live. "I'm very confident with the line-up in our opening match against Paraguay," he said.