The wine on the web initiative developed by the north-west supermarket chain Booth's has gone live this week after successful test trials. The mastermind behind, marketing and IT director Chris Dee, said the site will offer a far more comprehensive range than any of its competitors and it will be the largest transactional wine website in the world. By February it aims to offer customers the choice of 35,000 wines ­ almost every wine available in the UK. There are already 20,000 on the site. These will be delivered direct to customers from suppliers The site will be unbiased since it will not hold or finance stock and will be able to offer whatever customers want. It will allow them to track down previously unavailable wines. The site is financed by Booths which is taking a long term view of the market. Because of the low overheads it expects the site will produce a return on investment within three years. Dee said: "They have always had faith in new technology and see everywine. as a future national brand." {{DRINKS }}