French wine exporter Les Grands Chais de France,is launching its first major brand of Bordeaux wines into the UK.

La Terre Bordeaux, which consists of a Merlot and a Sauvignon Blanc, is designed to tempt lapsed Bordeaux drinkers back to the region's wines and to attract younger New World wine drinkers into the category.

The company's research found that UK consumers were attracted to the Bordeaux name and heritage, but they were also looking for dependable quality and varietal style in the wines. "Bordeaux is perhaps the most famous wine-producing region in the world," said Tim North, UK director of Les Grands Chais.

"In consumer research Bordeaux is considered to be offering good wines and yet in the UK off-trade it recorded a 17% volume decline last year. We think that there is immense scope to change this."

The name La Terre was chosen to be easily recognised as a French label but it was also important that it should be short and memorable, said North.

La Terre Bordeaux will be available in Morrisons stores from this month, retailing at £5.99. A promotional programme to support the launch of La Terre will focus on off-shelf displays in-store.