The Waste and Resources Action Programme has announced two initiatives to slash packaging waste.

It has announced an initiative to reduce waste from wine bottles. It has signed up the UK's top three wine brand owners and top five own label wine suppliers to try to import in bulk and then bottle in new lightweight bottles.

The UK is the world's largest importer of wine, much of it imported in green glass. Low demand for recycled green glass and the weight of the average 75cl bottle create huge potential for waste reduction.

Andy Daw, WRAP's manager for glass, said: "An additional 10% switch would mean 55,000 tonnes less glass imported and a rise in demand for recycled green glass of 50,000 tonnes; a combined improvement of 105,000 tonnes per year.

WRAP in partnership Sainsbury will also be testing biodegradable wrapping on organic apples and potatoes in 140 Sainsbury stores.

The initiative will be extended to organic bagged ranges in all JS stores if successful, eliminating 16.5 million bags per year from landfill. The multiple is not passing the multimillion pound cost on to consumers.