Bottlegreen is breaking into the mainstream cordial market with "revolutionary" squeezy bottles of triple strength squashes.

The drinks company, best known for its premium cordials, is launching its Squeezy Squash range at a price point to open the brand up to a new raft of customers.

The PET bottles (rsp: £1.79 for 430ml) contain all-natural squash in orange, apple, and blackcurrant & apple flavours. It is "more viscous" than normal squash and will appeal to mums keen to minimise mess and practice portion control, said Simon Speers, Bottlegreen MD.

"The majority of families with kids don't like using glass bottles for squash, so if we were ever going to appeal more widely to middle Britain we had to move out of glass bottles. Although we could never have gone into PET unless we innovated completely," he said.

Each 430ml bottle can be diluted 12:1, added Speers, who said he hoped to trade the squash category up, while opening Bottlegreen to a much bigger opportunity than the premium adult squash market.

Bottlegreen value rose 17.7% to £8.8m over the past year [Nielsen MAT 9 Jan].