Innovative wine packaging is top of the agenda at Bulgarian producer Boyar Estates, which is launching two new looks.
Challenging the traditional Bordeaux bottle shape, the company is switching to a more modern design featuring a disc-shaped ridge at the bottom of the neck.
The packaging is intended to appeal to shoppers in the sub-£5 category.
The bottles will be launched this month along with a new format for the company's first bag-in-box wine, which will take on a look similar to a wine barrel. The principle of the product will remain the same as rival versions except for the outer packaging, which has been reworked. Made out of wood, the container will hold three litres of an oak-aged Cabernet Sauvignon and will retail for £14.99.
A spokesman for Boyar Estates said: "The historic bag-in-box shape has all the charisma of a concrete bollard. The square box is plain industrial and has no relevance to wine or grapes."