The death of the Celtic Tiger began with Ronan Keating getting married. With the talented bits of Boyzone now dead or apparently straight, Oirish exports of stubbly homoeroticism are at an all-time low.

Yeo Valley’s ad lampoons the boyband format a mere decade after it ceased to be profitable. Its band is called The Churned - presumably a pun on the name of some actual boyband this column hasn’t figured out yet, rather than just a gag-free dairy procedural reference.

There are laughs to be had in the well-crafted vid: a flummoxed owl; the disturbingly sensuous sight of men bottle-feeding a calf.

But, overlong at two minutes and utterly tuneless, the parody is too accurate for its own good - right down to the obligatory key change, when Westlife would get off their stools in unison to thrust denim-clad groins, as potent as shotguns made of yoghurt, at the quivering tweens.