European apple growers are predicting a fall from last year's crop levels.
France is a key supplier to the UK and Jacques Vanoye, president of its fresh apple marketing committee, said the country's total crop would be down from last year, at 1.97 million tonnes.
Within this, however, Braeburn and Gala are up 17.7% and 5.7% respectively.
Pink Lady is forecast to be up 28%, although volumes will remain small at 58,000t.
Italy appears to be the exception to the rule, with Red and Golden Delicious up by nearly a third, Granny Smith up as much as 40% and Braeburn up 21%.
The Netherlands is forecasting a 50% reduction in its Cox crop after last year's harvest.
The UK has also experienced a decline after 2001's vintage season.
Bad weather has caused a drop below the five-year average to 42,000t. Gala and Worcester crops are expected to be of similar volume, and looking good in quality.