The Meantime Brewing Company is launching a range of branded beers following the success of its Sainsbury Taste the Difference range.
It consists of Meantime Grand Cru Wheat (6.2% abv), Meantime London Porter (6.5% abv), Meantime India Pale Ale (7.5% abv), Meantime Coffee (6% abv) and Meantime Chocolate (6.5%), which uses dark malts and real chocolate.
Some of the range will be listed in Sainsbury and the company is also talking to other retailers.
The micro-brewer, based in Greenwich, London, already has some branded beers, but is now putting increased emphasis on this area and particularly on selling to the US, which it said was receptive to strong-tasting beers such as its London Porter. “Now we are a mature business, we can take it a step further to develop our own brand through the reputation we have built up,” said director Peter Haydon.
Founder and brewmaster Alastair Hook said he was delighted that after five years, not only was the company true to values of good beer, but was also beginning to be in a position where it could compete in a crowded marketplace.
Through higher investment, Meantime now claims to be the only British brewery equipped to fill and close 750ml bottles with Champagne corks and wire hoods.
The company has also completely rebranded with a new ‘fob watch g’ logo to emphasis its Greenwich origins.