Red pigmented Navels and Cambra to be tested in UK Capespan's plans to become a year round supplier of citrus are taking shape. Red pigmented Navel oranges and a traditional later variety called Cambra, both grown in Australia, are to be tested in the UK shortly. Around 150,000 cartons of each have been programmed by Capespan International. There will also be a new Valencia Late type called Juvalle which will help plug any supply gaps. Increased volumes of Midnight and Delta Seedless will also help supplement this later crop and there will be a higher proportion of open topped cartons. Spanish Navels and Navelinas packed under the Outspan brand will also arrive for the first time. Capespan first extended its well known brand to Florida pink grapefruit this summer, and subsequently Spanish and Argentinian lemons have been covered under the umbrella. Summer easy peelers are already arriving from Argentina and will shortly be supported by Chilean clementines. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}