Top brand names continue to flourish in the charts as Nestlé leads the charge to Easter with an extensive confectionery listing adding to its already multi-category presence.
Cadbury, with promotions in all five retailers, and Mars sub-brands also prosper with numerous offers available on Easter eggs and snack size variants, while household brands Flash and Bold continue to flaunt their special offers on large feature displays.
Müller has returned with an array of offers on Vitality, Fruit Corner and Light variants, appealing to the health-conscious consumer with promotions visible in four of the five retailers. The Princes brand also returns on promotional aisles with offers predominantly on tinned salmon and tuna, as well as on canned meats and fruit juice cartons.
On the retailer side, Sainsbury reigns, having fought off Morrisons, whose branded promotional performance gave it the lead for the previous two weeks. Morrisons champions its own label goods with a variety of promotions.

Sainsbury regains its lead over Morrisons, who presided over the top spot for the previous two weeks. Nestlé continues to rule the brand chart, accounting for a quarter of the total of top ten promotions, while Princes and Müller penetrate the chart, having extensive promotions since their Christmas offerings. Grocery and alcohol categories persist in their branded promotional dominance, while chilled foods are by far the most promoted own label category. Pictures show Princes at Asda, Cadbury and Mars at Asda and Flash at Morrisons.