Pork Farms, Peperami and Branston have teamed up to bring jointly branded sausage rolls and pies to the "tired and uninspiring" category.

The three sausage rolls comprise a Spicy Hit roll with Peperami, and cheese and plain sausagemeat Pickle Hit rolls. The products are available now in king size and a six-pack snack format (rsps: £1.29 and £1.49). They are joined by a Branston Pickle Pork Pie, which features a layer of pickle on the pie lid (rsp: £1.49 for four).

Pork Farms general manager Nigel White claimed they would rejuvenate "a market in desperate need of a new image". "The Peperami and Branston brands will appeal to a younger audience and tap the current trend for co-branding," said White.

Sales fell 42.5% last year after the termination of Pork Farms' partnership with Kerry Foods but were "up again" in the last quarter, White said.