Speciality brewer BrewDog has come in for fresh criticism from the Portman Group over a controversial brand name.

The Portman Group yesterday said the company's 7.1% Speedball beer was guilty of "profiteering from the scourge of illegal drugs" as the term 'speedball' can refer to the combination of heroin and crack cocaine.

The beer is now being removed from shelves and is likely to be renamed Dogma.

"The blurring of alcohol and illicit drugs fosters unhealthy attitudes to drinking and trivialises drug misuse," said Portman chief executive David Poley. "We are taking urgent action to protect the public from exposure to such negligent marketing."

BrewDog admitted the name was "slightly provocative" but said it was "idiotic" to accuse the company of backing drug use.

"In the last eight months [the Portman Group was] trying to block the sale of our three top-selling beers so this time we thought we would give them something worth banning us for," said chief brewer Martin Dickie.

Last year BrewDog was taken to task over its Punk IPA beer, which the Portman Group said breached its advertising rules. The body claimed BrewDog's aggressive marketing style for the beer could encourage antisocial behaviour.