InBev and Coors are among the major brewers to have announced another round of price increases, meaning drinkers could soon be faced with paying up to £4 a pint.

From today, InBev is hiking the price of Stella Artois, Beck’s and Tennents by around 3p a pint. The cost of Carling and Grolsch, meanwhile, will increase by a similar amount from 29 September, with brewer Coors having previously raised its prices in February.

Tetley’s is set to lift prices in October, while Marston’s – brewer of Pedigree – is adding 10p to the cost of a pint.

“These are extraordinary times for beer,” Coors UK chief executive Mark Hunter told The Sun. “We are seeing cost inflation of a magnitude that could cripple the UK beer industry.”

He added: “We have battled hard against the current trading environment. But the severity of inflationary increases since the beginning of 2008 significantly exceeded expectations.”

“The current wave of price increases means £4 a pint will be far more commonplace this year,” a spokesman for the British Beer & Pub Association told The Observer.