A national listing with the country’s biggest supermarket was the prize on offer as hundreds of small brewers waited to hear the results of the inaugural Tesco Brewing Awards.
The competition incorporated the Tesco Beer Challenge and for the first time included Best New Imported Beer and Best Innovation in Brewing.
The Tesco Beer Challenge for spring/summer 2005 went to Darwin Brewery in Sunderland for the small brewer category and Refresh UK in Witney, Oxfordshire, for the large brewer.
For autumn/winter 2005, Double Maxim Beer Company in Sunderland won the small brewer category and Highgate Brewery in Walsall, took the large brewery category.
James MacKenzie,Tesco senior beer buying manager, said: “Hundreds of brewers burn the midnight oil for The Tesco Beer Challenge and the prize of a national listing is much sought after. Our business now supplies almost a third of all premium bottled ales sold through supermarkets in the UK and The Beer Challenge allows us to select the very best new beers for our customers.”
Best Innovation was won by the Beer Academy and Best Imported Beer was won by Weissbier Etalon, a Bavarian-style beer produced in Kiev in the Ukraine.