Interbrew is forging ahead in the speciality beers market and has called on retailers to support its plans to redefine the category.
One year since introducing a variety of new speciality brands to the UK market, the brewer has unveiled new descriptions for different styles to simplify how brews are merchandised.
Interbrew said that previous definitions of speciality beers, such as Trappist, Abbey, seasonal and Lambic - used to denote a fruit beer - should be changed and the category divided into four, clearer sub-sectors.
The brewer has suggested using the term ‘white’ to describe wheat beers such as Interbrew’s Hoegaarden and Coors’ Korenwolf, ‘fruit’ for brands like Belle-Vue, ‘blonde’ to define Leffe and similar brands, while their darker counterparts would come under the ‘dark’ segment.
Interbrew’s interest in the speciality sector has already won it the support of the major supermarkets and Unwins has also recently placed 100 merchandising units, developed by the brewer, into its leading 65 stores.