fruit and veg

Navigating the turbulence created by Brexit should bring opportunities as well as challenges, according to British Growers Association CEO Jack Ward.

Speaking at the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers conference in London last week, Ward said there were “immediate issues”, that needed to be addressed, such as access to labour. But the sector also had a “significant opportunity to increase our share of UK markets”, Ward added. “We are very dependent on the EU for supplies of fresh fruit & veg, and there is no reason why UK producers shouldn’t look to take a higher proportion of UK market share in the future.”

The UK lagged behind in terms of consumption of fresh fruit and veg, with the average person still some way off the recommended intake, Ward added.

“With the right tools and policies in place we should be looking to the future with a sense of optimism. Increasing market share, and putting a greater emphasis on ‘grown at home’ are just some of the benefits the industry should be looking for despite the turbulence and uncertainty created by Brexit.”