UK EU brexit

What was your favourite bit about Article 50 day? Was it Theresa May threatening to ease up on terrorism in Europe unless the EU gives us what we want? Nigel Farage crowing outside a pub with a foamy pint? Or Angela Merkel’s swift rebuttal of the suggestion everything gets wrapped up neatly and quickly?

It’s a tough one. I’d go for the latter as it offers a cold dose of the bureaucratic inertia that lies ahead, in stark contrast to the fantastical nonsense spouted by Boris Johnson on the front page of The Telegraph, where he compared the post-Article 50 UK with a rocket on a launch pad about to “blast off for an extraordinary voyage”. Guess what, everyone. We are just like a big rocket. Wee.

Fortunately, the food and drink industry is steadying itself with a display of unity as the government takes its place at the negotiating table. It knows what its priorities are and FDF director general Ian Wright will make a compelling argument for them. And in the meantime, this entrepreneurial industry will be alive to the opportunities Brexit presents. Because nothing is ever all bad, however it sometimes seems.