Both the aggressive farming lobby on the British side and the indignant suppliers in Denmark and the Netherlands are likely to be puzzled by the results of the consumer reaction poll commissioned from NOP by the MLC after the pork promotion advertisements were published. A big proportion simply shrugged off the campaign as uninteresting or irrelevant, and very few of the respondents to this poll showed any inclination to increase purchases of home produced pigmeat or look for the British quality mark. However, the NOP poll together with other studies including a TN Sofres telephone survey have convinced MLC executives the campaign achieved relatively high awareness, and the blunt acknowledgement of animal welfare realities in some (unidentified) industries certainly did not provoke the widely predicted consumer backlash against all pigmeat. The small increase in pro-British product sentiment is seen as demonstrating the high investment cost of modest incremental sales gains in a market where too much of the demand may be inelastic or just stagnant. {{MEAT }}