British-grown Tenderstem broccoli is set to grab a much bigger proportion of total Tenderstem sales this season.

Small volumes of British Tenderstem have previously been sold, but the first commercial-scale British crops are now being grown in Kent and Worcestershire.

The broccoli, which will hit shelves from July, is expected to generate up to 20% of overall Tenderstem sales, which to date have been dominated by North African imports.

"Our growers have been working hard to develop the optimum conditions for growing in the UK," said Andy Macdonald at Coregeo, Tenderstem's UK marketing arm.

"Tenderstem prefers warmer climes and we have had to ensure any crop grown in the UK would meet the rigorous quality and taste standards we set for crop grown overseas."

Though Tenderstem would continue to be imported to ensure a year-round supply, he hoped volumes of British would continue to rise each year.