One in five Brits wrongly thinks turkeys can fly and 10% believe the birds came from Turkey - not Mexico according to a poll of 3,000 consumers for the National Farmers Union.

Two-thirds (67%) said they would be eating turkey this Christmas, with 58% buying fresh. A majority (52%) said they would buy their turkey from a ­supermarket, while 40% planned to buy from a butcher, a farm or a local market. Forty per cent said they ate turkey only at Christmas.

Mike Bailey, a seasonal producer and vice-chairman of the NFU poultry board representing turkeys, called the poll's findings "fascinating".

"One of the more interesting findings is that public opinion is split on the age-old question of whether turkeys can fly or not," he said. "Although you won't see them flying south for winter, turkeys can get off the ground for a short distance."