The seven-strong Fragata stuffed olives range has been revamped thanks to new technology which allows the stuffing to be processed from pure, natural ingredients. Burton's Foods is bringing out Mini Crunchy Wagon Wheels ­ with cream-filled crunchy biscuits replacing the mallow. Rsp: 99p, 10-biscuits. Hazelnut praline-filled wafer Galaxy Amicelli will appear in a top box format on 285g of Mars Celebrations during the run-up to Mother's Day and Easter. Georgia Pacific has revamped its Nouvelle toilet tissue with new packaging featuring a transparent panel, increased paper quality and a new lower price of £1.69. Banoffee ice cream ­ with banana,' caramel swirls and pecan nut cookies ­ is to join Häagen-Dazs' portfolio next month. Cleaning product specialist Spontex has developed a new range of Wonder microfibre cleaning cloths for kitchens, floors and windows which clean without detergents. Weetabix is offering free Captain Scarlet models in 375g and 500g packs of Weetos cereal. Kimberly-Clark is launching a Kotex Combi pantliner for use with both string and normal underwear. In our February 2 issue we said that, according to our recent Top Products survey, sales of Fanta in multiple grocers were at just over £33m in the year to October. Our research partners, Information Resources, would like to point out that this figure did not take into account almost £8m of sales of new Fanta Icy Lemon, meaning Fanta actually outsold fruit fizz rival Tango which had sales of more than £38m. {{P&P }}