Collectable 3D cards based on the BBC programme Walking with Beasts are buried in 13 million packs of Kellogg's kids' cereals in the run up to Christmas. Premium ice cream maker Mackie's new organic dairy ice cream with strawberries carries the same rsp (£1.99, 500g) as its non-organic products, despite higher production costs. Veetee is adding Goan Red Rice and Gold, Red, Black Oriental Rice to its international rice repertoire, which also includes Supreme Vintage Basmati. Häagen-Dazs is offering the chance to interview filmstars through Channel 5's Movie Chart Show. A new organic lightly salted Welsh butter from Rachel's Dairy is available in Waitrose. Reckitt Benckiser is adding a New Finish Mint Fresh to its dishwasher freshener range. Galtee Meats has repackaged its range to highlight the company's Irish heritage, with the tagline An Irish tradition' and a colour-coded scheme. {{P&P }}