Quality potatoes are proving increasingly difficult to find this year even though more of the crop was lifted this year, says the British Potato Council.
A council spokesman said: "The majority of crops offer only average appearance.
"Many problems are being encountered and the number appears to be increasing."
The major fear is bruising which will impact on price later in the year.
Based on planting returns, first earlies have dropped by 16% to 8,537 hectares, with Premiere holding the biggest share.
Second earlies are also down by some 12% to 46,735 hectares with Estima the most popular variety.
The main crop, however, has shown a slight rise of 1.4% to 91,128 hectares with Maris Piper the single largest crop with 21% of the total planted area.
Cara has shown the biggest decline at 32%.
Nadine has become the third most popular potato grown. Salad varieties like Nicola and Charlotte have also increased in popularity.